The Dawson Grain Coop Board of Directors has approved the construction of a new grain storage bin in 2021. This bin will be a match to the last bin we built. It will hold 554,000 bu. with a fill speed rate of 20,000 bu. per hour. Due to the large amount of grain we have been piling on the ground the last few years it was felt we needed to reduce our exposure to the weather. 

The bin will be built by J&D Construction of Montevideo, dirt work by J.Moen Enterprises of Boyd, and Electical by Gruwell electric of Dawson. Completion is scheduled for October 8th.


Over head of hole starting to fill




J Moen Enterprises digging the hole



Bubba Bach Packing 


Pad ready for concrete 06-7-2021

Waiting their turn






Men working in the cement to get it level

Is it level?

Aeration Pads

Aeration Pads 7/23/2021

Finished Pad

Waiting for J & D to start but up the sections


Putting up the rings...




August 17, 2021 - Morning



August 17, 2021 - Afternoon


August 18, 2021 - Afternoon


August 19, 2021 Morning



August 19, 2021 Afternoon



August 20, 2021 Morning



August 24, 2021


August 26, 2021






September 15, 2021