Cash Sales

Price is good or need cash. Checks may be picked up or mailed out the next day. (No Service Charges)


Forward Sales Contracts

Price is better for a later date. Good for locking in a price for New Crop delivery right out of the field. May forward contract grain to take income in the next year. (No Service Charges)


Offer Contracts

You have a price you would like, but do not have the time to watch the markets. Give the order price to us and we will watch it for you. Can be used on cash sale or forward sales. (No Service Charges)


Basis Fixed Contracts

May be used to lock in a Basis level but leave the futures open. May be used for future delivery of grain. This is a good contract if you feel basis levels are good for future delivery but the futures price is low and you feel future prices may go up and basis level may drop. (No Service Charges)



Futures Fixed Contracts (HTA)


Good to use when futures prices are high and basis levels are low. You will lock in the futures price and wait for basis levels to improve. May be used for near by sales or New Crop sales up to two years out. Service Charges to apply to this contract check out Hedge to Arrive charges.


Minimum Price Contracts

This contract may be used when you are selling your grain for cash purposes or to avoid storage and additional drying charges. You would receive the selling price less the cost of a call option of your choice. You would than remain in the market through your option ownership. If the market futures levels increase you could then capture part of that gain. Service charges will be applied to the cost of your option.


Warehouse Receipts

Storage receipt for grain stored in the elevator. Used if you would like to put your grain under a Commodity Credit Corporation (FSA) loan. In this option all storage charges need to be paid up front for the 9-month loan. Any unused storage would be returned if sold before the 9 month time period. This may also be used without taking a loan but storage charges are generally higher then Price Later contracts.


Deferred Payment Contracts

May be used to defer the income from the growing year to the next. Once put on a Deferred Payment Contract it can not be changed. (No Service Charges)