Dear Patrons:

          The Board of Directors of Dawson Grain Co-op approved the retirement of $368,097.51.  This retirement of equity will pay the years of 2002 through 2007 of all local and regional credits held by Dawson Grain Co-op.  

Please remember that this retirement does not need to be reported as income as the taxes have already been paid.

         The 3 main things your Board of Directors has to decide what to do with earnings each year are:

              a.) Debt repayment

              b.) Capital expenditures

              c.) Retirement of patron equities

         Over the years we have built our balance sheet and facilities up to the point that we now feel equity retirement may be reviewed and paid annual as seen fit by the Board of Directors.

          With this equity retirement and cash paid out in September $671,244.51 of cash has been paid out this year.  That represents 58.4% of your company's total 2022 earnings.  

           Your Board of Directors are happy to know that after 135 years we still provide a service to the area as well as cash from earnings back into the local economy.

           If you have any questions on this retirement please call the office at 320-769-2929.



Mark Willand

General Manager

Dawson Grain Co-op