2014 Grain Bin Project

 In their continuing effort to improve our grain receiving and handling efficiencies your Board of Directors approved the construction of a 434,000 Bu. grain storage bin. Construction will begin as soon as the ground is fit and should be completed by September 15th. This new bin will be located just north of the new leg and pit put in last year. With this addition we will be able to receive Soybeans at harvest at a rate of 45,000 bushels per hour and also enable us to receive wet corn at one pit and dry corn at a different pit. This will greatly speed up our harvest corn receiving. We feel strongly that these investments into our core business of grain handling will greatly improve the services that we offer to our members. Watch for updated pictures of the project through the upcoming year. As Terry Overlander would say come watch us grow.

Done and filled

Soybean harvest went through with an average dump time of 8 minutes in and out of Dawson Grain Coop

No dumping into augers or waiting in lines

Keep that in mind when your making next years sales.




Bin up ready for conveyers 7-14-2014 


Roof done ready to go up 7-9-2014 


Floor done ready for the Bin 7-1-2014 


Stem walls ready to back fill sand 06-12-2014 


Pouring the stem walls 6-10-2014 


Prepping stem walls for concrete



Pouring footings 


Hole filled, Dirt work almost done 


Thats a big hole 

Sand pile for backfilling

Randy Enevoldsen digging for new 105 foot bin