2013 Construction 

In their continuing effort to make your co-op more efficient and increase grain-receiving speeds, Your Board of Directors has approved the construction of a new receiving location. This location will be constructed on our new property location but will be tied in to our existing elevator. This will allow us to increase receiving speeds at harvest and also tie the new receiving leg and pit into our existing bins incase of equipment failure at peak receiving times of the year. The new construction will include a 20,000 bushels per hour receiving pit, 20,000 bushels per hour leg, overhead conveyer and a 350,000 bu. Bunker for over flow grain at harvest. This will be phase one of our long range plans to add more grain storage. This expansion is planed to be completed before this year's harvest. With this addition we will then have a total of 45,000 bushels per hour of receiving speed at our peak harvest times. This is a continuation of our long-range plans to the new property we purchased 2 years ago

Watch for progress pictures this year

Every thing is on schedule for fall harvest 

2013 soybean pile

all in all smooth soybean harvest

the added speed and space sure showed with the great yields 

Trucks coming and going soybeans 2013 


Northern Grain here to oversee first load

All was good 

Keith gets to dump first load in new pit 

Gerad the electrician and Northern Grain here for first load new pit 

New MC room and dump office 

New electric service. Setup for today and the future. 

Gerod with Gruwell elec. 


Gruwell electric ice fishing? 


New 20,000 per hour pit with the ramps done 

Larson Brothers Concrete with another fine Job 


Pad for new MC room 

Ag Lime ready for new ground pile 

New Leg 20,000 bu. per hour 



New pit conveyer to feed leg

We no longer need 1/2 and 9/16 wrenches 




This will be the new receiving pit 

The new leg, towers , and conveyers are going together 

New look at the uptown bin site. 



At the same time DGC is demoing the old bin site uptown 






Grewell Electric wiring 

Larson Brother with the concrete



Plans for receiving leg and pit

New leg and pit location

west of existing grain bins

Larson Brothers working on dirt and concrete

Equipment starting to show up