March 27,02017


    The Board of Directors of Dawson Grain Coop has approved the construction of an additioal grain storage bin to be built the summer of 2017. This is a continuation of our long-range plans, and with our continued increase in both customer base and better crop yield it make sense to move forward with this bin at this time. Dawson Grain Coop will be constructing a 550,000 Bu. storage bin with 20,000 Bu. per hour fill conveyor and 1/10th aeration. This bin will be built north of the last bin built in 2014 and will be filled off of pit #2. With this addition we will have total storage space of 3,375,000 Bu.; 2,275,000 Bu. of approved storage space and 1,100,000 Bu. of seasonal ground storage space all filled from receiving pits. With out the support from our members and future members this would not be possible. We would like to thank you for your past, present, and future business.

    Check back often to see updates and pictures as construction gets started.




                                                                                    Future site of new bin.



                                                           Solomon Citrowske digging for a new 550,000 bu. bin!




                                                                     Even with challenging conditions dirt work continues.



                                                                              Solomon finishing some dirt removal. 



                                                                                         Concrete work begins!  





                                                                               The forms are up and concrete is flowing in. 



                                      The stem wall is done and has been filled with sand. Shouldn't be long until work on the air floor begins!





                                                           Cement trucks are rolling in and the bin floor is getting poured!




                                                          Bin and conveyor parts have arrived and are waiting for assembly to begin. 




                                                            The bin floor is poured and soon to be ready for building.



                                                                   The crew has started and the roof sheets are already installed!!



                                                         Only a few more rings and the tank's construction will be complete!



                                                                        The tank structure construction is complete!!